Shelby Headlamp/Bicycle Light

Clearwater Lights

$ 149.00

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The new Clearwater Shelby bike light is durable and has five light modes: High, Med, Low, Extreme Low and Strobe. Pressing the on/off button toggles through each of the modes. The Strobe mode is for daytime conspicuity, to activate the "Flash" mode simply press the button 2 times quickly. To turn off the light, press and hold the button for 2 seconds.

1- High mode: 900 lumens, @ 3h 40m ~ 4h

2- Med mode: 450 lumens, @ 7h 30m ~ 8h

3- Low mode: 225 lumens, @ 15h

4- Extreme Low mode: 100 lumens, @ 33h

Don't look directly into this light while on High. The High mode is really bright! It is best to reserve the High beam setting for use while on the move or with some wind, as the housing can get quite warm to the touch and the moving air helps cool the light. When in a stationary position, try using one of the lower power settings. They are still quite bright!


Included accessories:

-100~240 volt charger with 8.4V 2A output

-Battery pack with (4) Lithium Ion 3.7v batteries

-Headband mount

-Bicycle helmet mount

-3 foot long extension cable

-2 x O-ring sets

-Wide Oval Beam Lens

So, you get three lights in one!

*A bicycle light that mounts to your handlebar

*A bicycle light that mounts to your helmet

*A hands-free working light with a head band mount


Download the Shelby Instruction Manual