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We were founded in 2009, after owner Glenn Stasky’s life-changing experience.  At the time, Glenn was a pioneer in audio speaker design and manufacturing. He was riding his motorcycle home from Tennessee, after receiving some pretty bad news from his biggest client. It was dark and Glenn had his high beams and high-intensity discharge (HID) auxiliary lights on. The driver of an oncoming car flashed his headlights repeatedly. Glenn assumed it was because his high beams were on, so he switched to low beams, and his auxiliary lights turned off. When the car passed, he turned his lights back on. HID lights take several seconds to heat up enough to produce light, and Glenn’s eyes had not yet fully adjusted to the darker conditions without them. In those crucial few seconds of night-blindness, he did not see the dead deer in his path, and hit it. Both he and the bike went airborne, yet both landed miraculously without injury or damage. He decided at that moment to develop a product that would increase rider safety and potentially save lives by providing an adjustable safety cushion of light. The idea of Clearwater Lights was born.

Utilizing his background in speaker design, Glenn developed Glenda, the first fully-adjustable LED auxiliary light, eliminating the night-blindness that could have cost him his life, and providing additional conspicuity during the day. Now, almost a decade later, we offer a plethora of fully-adjustable auxiliary lights, featuring optics that focus the light into different patterns for different riding needs.

In addition to motorcycle auxiliary and modulating brake lights, we also offer a variety of flashlights for your off-the-bike adventures. We continue to support the motorcycling and car racing communities with our one-of-a-kind track safety warning light system, and are continually expanding our expertise to other powersports markets. We even provide LED safety lighting options to motorcycling police forces and other law-enforcement agencies across the globe.

We have a solid reputation for providing well-engineered products, as well as outstanding product support and award winning customer service for almost 30 years. Our products are designed, manufactured, and assembled in our Northern California facility, and shipped worldwide directly from us to you!

Ready to invest in your safety? Visit us at ClearwaterLights.com or call us at 916-852-7029 to place an order; we guarantee you will be satisfied!

The Story of Clearwater Lights

The Deer in the Headlights by Mark Susnow