General Troubleshooting FAQs

My lights have stopped working all of a sudden, they still/only work when the high beam or horn are actuated. I have a Clearwater Lights CANopener installed.

The lights may have been simply turned off. To turn the Krista/Erica/Sevina channel back on, press and hold the Turn Signal Cancel (TSC) button IN for three seconds. To turn the Darla channel back on, push the TSC button to the RIGHT for three seconds. 

My lights are hooked up, but they do not turn on.

Check the grounding – does not work on the front forks because it is isolated. Try grounding to the ground wire.

Why do my lights not switch from low to high when I cycle through my low and high beam?

The white high beam trigger wire is likely not connected to the high beam headlight wire.

Why do my lights flash when the ignition is switched on?

All of our systems take a brief moment to boot up. During that time, no dimming signal is sent to the lights, so they momentarily turn on to full bright.

After a long trip through the rain I noticed that my lights have condensation in them. Can I take them apart and allow them to dry?

No. Do not take your Clearwater Lights apart, as this will void the warranty. Each and every light is pressure tested before leaving the factory; however, if your lights show signs of internal condensation, please email and we will assist you.