Installation FAQs

Depending on the kit you ordered, you will get different brackets suitable for your bikes. Below are some pictures of how our bracket is mounted on the bike.

*Not all kits come with spacers*

Single Bolt Mount

Dual Bolts Mount

Crash Bar Mount

  • You can mount the harness anywhere on the bike that you feel safe.
  • We found it is easier to route the wire if we mount the harness somewhere in the front, and in the center of the bike.
  • We usually follow factory wiring or cable on the bike while routing the wire.
  • Avoid routing the wire near the spark plug, anything that generates heat, or the antenna cable, if possible. 
  • Turn the handlebar left to right to make sure you are not pulling the wire in any direction.

Depend on the version of the CANopener, you will need to plug the CANopener to the correspond module on your bikes 

  • CANopener 3  connect to Tire Pressure Monitor
  • CANopener 4 connect to Lean Angle Sensor

  • CANopener 5 connect to Alarm Control Unit

  • Handlebar mount 

  • Flush mount

*Our kits usually come with the handlebar mount. Please let us know if you plan to use the flush/panel mount.*

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