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      Universal Kits

      Bike Model Dixi Sevina Krista / Erica Darla Glendina
      Universal Kit Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual


      CANopener Manual 

      Billie Brake Light Manual

      Vehicle Harness Diagram/Install Guide 

      For bike specific manuals click a thumbnail below.

      Helpful Resources

      Resources Name Link
      Adding the Horn Option for Glenda's View
      Adding the Three Way Switch Option View
      Billie Brake Light View
      High Beam-Horn Options View
      Installing Off-Road Option View
      Posi-Products Guide View
      Securing a Negative Ground View
      Loretta Dive Light Manual  View
      Shelby Headlamp/Bike Light Manual View
      Clearwater Voltage Sentry View
      Betsy Manual View
      CANopener Manual View
      Tab Repair Kit for 1200RT View
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