Billie Brake Light FAQs

What is the difference between the regular Billie Brake Light and the Billie Jr.?

The only difference is the frame: The Billie is a full-perimeter license plate frame, and the Billie Jr. is a light bar that can be positioned above or below your license plate (see photo below). They provide the same lighting functionality.

How do I change Brake Light Modes?

There are 4 brake light modes. To cycle through modes while the bike is at a full stop, press and release the Turn Signal Cancel (TSC), then pull and release the front brake lever completely 5 times. Example: Billie starts in mode 1, pressing the front brake 5 times will cycle you to mode 2.

Video instruction link

There was a wire with an LED on the end of it included with my Billie. What is it, and what’s it for?

This is an optional indicator light that you can mount at the front of your bike so that you can see what the brake light is doing while riding. It’s very easy to install: first, mount the LED to the front of the bike in a location that you can easily see while riding. Next, route the wire to the back of the bike near the CANopener. Finally, you will Posi-Lock the red and black wires from the indicator light to the red and black wires from the CANopener. This is what it looks like when mounted to a clutch cable: