Krista / Erica/ Sevina FAQs

What is a (Krista/Sevina/Dixi) Combo?

A Krista Combo, Sevina Combo, or Dixi Combo is different from the standard models in that it utilizes BOTH fog and spot optics. Our standard models come with spot optics. The Combo option produces a high utility projection that throws light far down the path (spot optic) and low and wide illuminating the sides/corners (fog optic). The user gets the best of both worlds! The Krista Combo uses one spot and two fog optics per housing. The Sevina and Dixi Combos uses three spot and four fog optics per housing. The Combo option is only available for Krista, Sevina and Dixi. Check out the Virtual Clearwater Lights Simulator HERE to compare our lights!

What is the Krista/Erica/Sevina's Kelvin color of light?

Kelvin color temperature is a way to describe the appearance of light emitted from a light bulb. The color temperature of the emitted light is equivalent to a piece of metal heated to that same temperature in Kelvin, on a scale of 0 to 10,000.
The Kelvin temperature of the Krista/Erica/Sevina lights is 6,300, giving off a blue-white light that mimics daylight. This light temperature is frequently used for safety lighting due to its crisp, attention-getting ambience, which we consider our lights to be.

Do Clearwater Lights work on off-road vehicles and UTVs too?

Yes, absolutely! All of our lights can be installed on cars, trucks, SUVs, Jeeps, UTVs, SxS, Quads, Snowmobiles, Tractors and More! We have harnesses with extended wires to allow for installation on larger vehicles. Our fog optics are available within the Krista, Sevina, and Dixi kits and work very well with four wheeled setups. Our off-road light kit selection can be found HERE.  If you need help deciding which lights are the best for you, feel free to send us an email at and our Master Tech will help you make the best choice.

What is Super Sevina?

Super Sevina is a powerful 21 LED light that utilizes a similar driving beam pattern to that of the Erica, but WAY MORE light... 10,000+ lumens per Super Sevina! Super Sevina’s optics send light with a huge circular beam pattern full width and full height which will light up the trees as well as the corners for side illumination. Perfect for the most adventurous off-road riders when you just need the most light possible. Super Sevina draws 70W per light and is the same physical size as that of the standard Sevina, 4.7" diameter.

What is a Super Sevina Hybrid?

A Super Sevina Hybrid kit is an upgrade to a standard Sevina kit. It includes one standard Sevina (utilizing spot optics) and one Super Sevina (full driving beam). This setup allows for the best of both worlds which sends light far down the path (spot) and will fill the entire area around you with light as you ride through back country (full driving beam).

Are these lights too bright to be used in conjunction with the low beams at night?

When the lights are adjusted properly (up/down, side to side), you should have no issues as long as the light is set to a lower output. (10%-15%) But in the rare case someone does flash you, we have included an on/off switch.

If the lights replace the current fog lights on the BMW, do they use the same wiring?

We cannot use the same wiring. The BMW wiring does accommodate the adjustable control knob, and the CANbus circuit does not supply enough power for Krista/Erica/Sevina.

Can these bigger lights be mounted on the front forks like Darla?

It is possible, but we do not recommend this because the weight of the Krista/Erica/Sevina is too great to be supported by this particular mounting option. See our Shop By Bike feature here for some recommended mounting options for your particular motorcycle and

If I want to install smaller Darla lights in addition to Krista/Erica/Sevina, what wiring is required?

The Krista/Erica/Sevina comes with a harness that incorporates wires for the Darla too. That way you only need one adjustable control knob to control both sets of lights. Be sure to select the “Add Discounted Darlas” option to your order so that you don’t pay for the unnecessary Darla wiring harness!