CANopener FAQs

Clearwater Lights Manual

What is a CANopener?

The Clearwater Lights CANopener system is an innovative auxiliary lighting management system like nothing else available, consisting of a small control unit within the wiring harness. It installs easily by plugging directly into the existing Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) connectors on the BMW. No other modifications to the motorcycle needed. Once installed, the rider can control the brightness of their Clearwater LED lights by using the Multi-Function Controller (MFC) if so fitted, or the Clearwater handlebar-mounted adjustable control knob. The CANopener provides additional functions to BMW motorcycles equipped with the MFC. The BMW ambient light sensor is utilized to provide automatic day/night brightness memory; the lights can be switched on and off by using the bike’s turn signal cancel button; and instant, full, attention-demanding brightness is available by using the high beam, “flash-to-pass,” or horn buttons.

Why the CANopener?

The CANopener system allows riders to manage the light output, for both increased daytime and nighttime visibility to other motorists, and to illuminate a dark road or trail ahead. One of the best and most innovative features of the CANopener system is how it integrates with the BMW's existing CANbus system to adjust the light output, without requiring extra handlebar controls, buttons or Multi-Function wheels. The capability then allows the rider to almost instantly activate an attention-demanding, high-intensity flashing or strobe pattern from our lights using the bike's Flash-to-Pass, horn, or hazard controls.

Where to plug in the CANopener?

Depend on the version of the CANopener, you will need to plug the CANopener to the correspond module on your bikes 

  • CANopener 3  connect to Tire Pressure Monitor
  • CANopener 4 connect to Lean Angle Sensor

  • CANopener 5 connect to Alarm Control Unit

My lights have stopped working all of a sudden, they still/only work when the high beam or horn are actuated. I have a Clearwater Lights CANopener installed.

The lights may have been simply turned off. To turn the Krista/Erica/Sevina channel back on, press and hold the Turn Signal Cancel (TSC) button IN for three seconds. To turn the Darla channel back on, push the TSC button to the RIGHT for three seconds.

Common CANopener Acronyms

A list of commonly used acronyms to describe CANopener controls: (1) WW = WonderWheel (BMW multi-function controller) (2) TSC = Turn Signal Cancel (3) TPM = Tire Pressure Monitor (4) FTP = Flash To Pass (5) OBL = Optional Brake Light

What are the CANopener’s default brightness levels for your various light kits?

The default brightness levels for Darlas and Kristas/Ericas/Sevinas, and also the Billie Brake Light, are provided in this quick-reference guide:

Running Lights

Default levels



Low Beam – Day



Low Beam – Night



High Beam




Billie Brake Light

Default levels









Where is the TPMS on my motorcycle?

The following photos illustrate where the TPMS should be on non-TPMS models, on 2013-2015 BMW models, and on 2016/later BMW models:


Which side of the WonderWheel should I press when changing modes/setting functions on the CANopener?

When pressing the WonderWheel in a specific direction, always apply pressure from the side of the WonderWheel that’s closest to you. The following graphic illustrates this:

CANopener Reference Table

The basic functions of the CANopener are available on this quick reference guide. We suggest that you print it out and keep it with your owner’s manual or with your registration, so it’s available when you need it: HERE