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Thank you! You guys are amazing, I was very hesitant to pay the extra for your lights. I’ve been so impressed with your customer service the entire way, well worth it. - Matt Z., 2019 HD Road Glide

Glenn, thanks for the great products. I will not own/ride a motorcycle without Clearwater Lights front and rear. Rich – 2019 BMW R1250RT

I wanted to give a big shout out to the folks at Clearwater. You can read all day about the lights. Without a doubt they are fantastic. But, what I want to do is comment about the support I got after I purchased my Erica’s.

I ordered the Erica’s for my 2014 R1200RT. Upon arrival I did the installation and had no luck getting the lights to work. It was Labor Day Weekend. I emailed Tech Support with my questions. I really did not think I would hear back until after the holiday weekend. Although obviously on holiday himself, Glenn immediately responded to my email from his canoe! After a couple of attempts to test what the problem was, I ended up on the phone with Billy. He walked me through all the diagnostic tests. We determined I might have a bad component. A new one was shipped out to me that day. A few days later, the part arrived, I installed it and the Erica’s work perfectly. I appreciate the outstanding service from Clearwater. They were extremely helpful and stand behind the product.

Patrick of Broomfield, Colorado

Greetings, I called recently because I have been investigating auxiliary lights for my BMW R1200C and earned your lights are obviously the best on the market. I reached Billy when i called and I have to say to you all that he was patient enough to answer all my many questions (probably two times each) and steer me into just what I needed. He tells me that all the sales people there are like that. I cannot imagine customer service at that level anywhere else. You just don’t see it. I am buying your lights. Superior lights and Superior service too....
Thank you, Al - Massachusetts
I just want to thank you again for helping me get the right set of lights for my bike. I was finally able to take the time over the weekend to install them.  It was much simpler than my imagination had me all anxious about.  I reworked the wiring Sunday after thinking I was complete late Saturday, and it worked out much better.  I did not experience any issues at all; neither with the front lights nor the brake light. I am very pleased with how they turned out, and look to use them soon. Thank you again for your time and assistance. Respectfully, Mark of Fort Worth, Texas (2019 BMW R1250GSA) Erica and Krista Hybrid on Light Bar


 Purchased a set of Clearwater Darla lights in 2016 and installed on my 2014 BMW C650GT and used them on this bike for about 2 years, sold that bike a purchased a 2010 BMW R1200RT and moved the Clearwater Darla lights over to the new (used) bike. Same lights, same rider, 2 different bikes and my Clearwater lights are still shining strong and working like the day I bought them. That is about 38,000 miles of use. I can’t tell you how many times people tell me how I stand out in traffic with the Darla lights on, especially during the day with the yellow lens covers. Mark of Sugar Grove, IL


Your company is a Beacon of light in the motorcycle industry.

Best, Gary Culbertson, MD (K1600)


Other than training, my Darla lights with yellow lenses are the best investment in safety I've made in 50 years of motorcycle riding. They are the visual equivalent of a high output air horn. If being conspicuous is important when you ride, these lights are your best and most important accessory.

I thought about the Clearwater lights for a while before I purchased. These days one cannot be sure that even if you buy an expensive item, there is no guarantee you get what you pay for. In this instance you most certainly do. The quality is reminiscent of the old days (in USA) when things were made to last. I'm very impressed with the look and feel of these lamps not discounting the very cool programmable features one can use. I mustn't forget the Clearwater staff for their patience and ability to talk down to my level when I needed help or had questions about the install. The team of Glenn, Valerie and Billy were extremely helpful. I must say that as a person that has never done too many installations of upgrade to bikes. this one at first seemed daunting but, with the help of the video installation clips and the always readily available email support (even on the weekends!) I have to say that my install by me, was professional done. The little trick of rerouting the wires on the lamps (for a 2108 BMW s1000xr) made the install so much cleaner. It's nice to see old fashion values have not totally disappeared in today's world because of Clearwater having both the quality items and staff that know what they're REALLY talking about....yes they cost a little more lolly than other light gear out there but, that "other" gear doesn't compare in quality to CW.....thank you all Valerie, Glenn, and Billy ....


Ottawa, Canada

Wanted to submit a pic for your site.  Absolutely amazed at the Ericas on the new bike!  I literally laughed out loud in my helmet the first time I hit the high beams on the initial, night time test ride.  These things have already paid for themselves many times over in just a few months of having them mounted up.  I can’t say enough about them and would absolutely spend that $$ again.  In fact, if I were to do it all over, I’d get the Darlas at the same time at your discounted rate as well as the brake light option. 

 Pic is in Sequoia NP a few weeks ago during a 9 day Thanksgiving holiday ride. Thanks!
2018 K1600GTL

I’m Writing to let everyone know how great the Darla lights are and the yellow covers! I purchased the lights for my 2009 f650 GS twin BMW and moved them to my 2016 f700 BMW.  I am sure these lights have saved me many times! Today I am writing about the yellow covers.  I was given them as a gift. I recently put them on when I rode from Albuquerque to Kerrville Texas. My riding partner said he could pick me out immediately with those yellow covers on! He looked in the mirror and right away he could see the yellow.  They also of course protect the light itself. I have recommended the Clearwater Lights to many friends who have also purchased them. It is a wise investment!

Marina Ackerson
Highland, MI

I recently installed a set of the new Clearwater Darla Lights on my 2012 GS. (I also put a set of Glendas on my RT 3 years ago and have been very happy with them.) As noted previously the Glendas are more for visibility vs a hi power night light. The Darlas on the other hand are the same size and excellent build quality as the Glendas, but much brighter, and do work well for night use. The Glendas are rated at 800 lumens each and the Darlas at 2000 lumens each! You will need to turn them down in traffic.
Clearwater has also made it somewhat easier to install now with a cable harness that plugs into the GS's existing headlight harness.

I have a 2013 R1200RT and I work second shift. That means that I work until 12:30 am and ride 45 minutes to home. I ride two lane roads through the farmland of Bucks County, Pa and pass through two state game lands. That all leads up to seeing deer, fox, and raccoons every night. I don't want to create or become roadkill. 
I drive a Toyota 4Runner and I love the high beams on that SUV. When I light them up I see everything for hundreds of yards. I was looking for the same result when I was shopping for lights for my RT. After reading everything on this forum and others I decided to go with Clearwater Lights. Being concerned on if they have brackets for the 2013 I called the main office. The very helpful woman who I talked to told me that they had just designed the bracket for the upgrade of the light I was looking for. I ended up buying and installing their Darla LED light. This light comes with a controller so that you can adjust the brightness while driving and when you hit the high beams on your bike these LEDs boost up to 100% power.
All I can say is OMG... these lights are even better than my 4Runner's. Combined with the great lights my RT already comes with, these Darla lights are wonderful. They light up four lanes, tree to tree and I feel I am safe and I can be on a bike.

I just took my Krista and Glenda lights from my RT to GSA. During Clearwater's bust time getting ready to head to the rally, Glenn was on the phone with me for a small bit of trouble shooting for a half hour until it was fixed. Their lights are pricey, but built extremely well and the customer service is second to none. If you're on the fence, just buy them!
Jon R.

My wife bought these last year for a Christmas present, best gift ever. I have had many close calls with vehicles pulling out in front of me or turning. Since I put these on I can actually see the drivers realize I am coming and they stop. I have had drivers pull up to me at stop lights and say those lights are bright, I ask if he noticed me and then say they are doing what they were designed for.
Jeff Lihs

It's done. I've installed Clearwater's KRISTA's & DARLA's on my R1200GS (2012). The entire purchasing experience with Clearwater was top shelf. Glenn (owner of Clearwater & Lorett) were the vey best I've experienced at customer service. They get it, and I strongly recommend anyone looking to add aftermarket lights to call them, you WILL talk with the owner, and get sound advice and support. 
Now to the installation component, understand my electrical prowess is somewhere between zero and none. So I recruited a friend to help with the wiring. Installing the mounting bar for the KRISTA's and mounting the DARLA's was a breeze. The instructions provided by Clearwater was spot on. The wiring harness specific to my GS clearly marked with "little white tags" that directed you where to make contacts made the wiring even for me, easy. You are provided everything you need from wire ties, to posi-taps. The instruction booklet was written for guys like me, easy to follow and understand, not to mention in color...
So the long an short of it, if you are looking to add lighting, do yourself a favor and give GLENN @ Clearwater Lights a call. Don't be surprised if your experience is every-bit as good as mine.

My wife bought these last year for a Christmas present, best gift ever. I have had many close calls with vehicles pulling out in front of me or turning. Since I put these on I can actually see the drivers realize I am coming and they stop. I have had drivers pull up to me at stop lights and say those lights are bright, I ask if he noticed me and then say they are doing what they were designed for.
Jeff Lihs

I just bought a new BMW R1200RT and had the dealer in Bentonville, AR install a set of your Erica lights...
Holy smokes, can they light up the street... It is not often I write companies back and tell them how much I love their product.
However, you are an exception. These are absolutely fantastic.... Yes they are a bit expensive, but now that I have them, well -
they are well worth it... IF you want to be seen and want to see at night... get them.
Thank you for a fantastic product.

My wife bought these last year for a Christmas present, best gift ever. I have had many close calls with vehicles pulling out in front of me or turning. Since I put these on I can actually see the drivers realize I am coming and they stop. I have had drivers pull up to me at stop lights and say those lights are bright, I ask if they noticed me and then say they are doing their job. Best money ever spent, I highly recommend them. Installer said it was easy to put them on.

Hi Clearwater!

I live in Montreal and I drive a Triumph Tiger 1050 since 2010. The Tiger is a good bike that, in my opinion, is a queen on the road. But it has a problem: the original lighting is suitable for a bike but not for a motorcycle. A few years ago, I decided to change the lighting. For that purpose, I needed lights that would do the job. I found the Clearwater website and its material matched my expectations.

In winter, in Quebec, you cannot ride for 3 months, from December 15 to March 15. So, I took that time to do the work. I dismounted the fork head and removed the 2 small interior lights that I replaced with a pair of Darla 2000 lm each. For this purpose, I built a home-made aluminum fixture, which allows you to adjust the height and sweep width of the light beam. And it was easy to install wiring and relay.

The tests were very favorable, but I found the lighting still inadequate because in Quebec, there are many animals such as bears, deer or moose crossing the roads at night. It takes more light power to have the time to see them arrive.

So I added a pair of Erika 6000 lm headlights each, fixed on the fork, using aluminum clamps.

As the Erika headlamps draw 60W, to allow for their installation, I had to reduce the overall power consumption by replacing all turn signal and position light bulbs with leds.
In addition to improving night vision, the lighting change had another effect. It makes my bike very visible to those who drive in front of me. Even by day, it's impossible not to see me! It's much safer and it changes the behavior of motorists. They respect me and pay more attention before turning. It's the same for those who come out of their parking lot and cut me off without warning.

 Having the ability to adjust the light intensity of the headlights is something very interesting that really makes the difference in the use of a motorcycle.

I would like to congratulate Clearwater for designing quality equipment that makes driving day or night enjoyable and safe.


I just installed Clearwater Darla and Erica lights on my 2014 BMW GTLE. After too many close calls we have avoided a lot of night riding due to the number of deer that are out after dark in northern Ohio. We were out last night with the new Clearwater lights installed until well after the sun was gone and the night sky made everything very dark. When I turned on the high beams the road lit up with a bright light like I’ve only experienced at a night baseball or football game. I’ve read the reviews and looked at the pictures of these lights in action but this is something I needed to experience to fully appreciate. 

I still have some tinkering to do fine-tuning the aiming the lights and setting the brightness when the low beams are on, but the visibility was greatly improved with the low beams set at just 10%.

All those folks in driveways at stop signs waiting to pull out in front of us have to be able to see us coming much more clearly. (Still don’t trust them though.) If they start to move perhaps blast of the high beams will get their attention. They would have to think a comet was about to pass and yield the right of way.
My experience dealing with people at Clearwater has been a real pleasure. I was delighted when the pleasant voice of Jolin answered the phone, not necessitating having to press buttons to select language and a department to talk to, Jolin was very knowledgeable and helpful. After the lights arrived I needed to call the tech people when I was doing the installation, not because the instructions were not clear, but because I needed clarification on something others would probably already understand. They too were very helpful.
I highly recommend the Clearwater products for their quality as well as the Clearwater people there who are very helpful. 
Gary Hall

I purchased the Darla’s and Billie Jr. lights for my ’16 R1200RT last month and I am very impressed with your product!  I have accumulated 3k miles since installation by commuting to work (Cincinnati area) and I did 1 trip through MI and I honestly believe that because of these lights I am more visible which has equated to a safer journey.  Prior to installing these lights, I have had numerous vehicles pull out in front of me or swerve over to my lane on the freeway.  Since installation, I have only had one occurrence when before this was almost a daily matter.  I have a two-fold theory for this;  One, since these lights are so bright it grabs their attention and makes the vehicle focus on me (vs stock light) and Two, since I have their attention the vehicles can more accurately predict my speed.  

The Billie Jr. light is so bright (I have it set to the lowest setting when not activating the brake) that it took other motorcycle riders behind a moment to figure out that I was not “riding my brakes”.  They soon found out because I like Mode 3, California style!

Thanks team Clearwater as your product was exactly what I was looking for and it exceeded my expectations – very nice surprise!  So Kudos on an outstanding product and for keeping me and my family (wife and kids) safer!!!

Rich Eby


When planning to set the "Cannonball" record from Los Angeles to New York City on a Motorcycle, I was concerned with outrunning the stock headlight. A friend told me about ClearWater Lights. I have no doubt these lights were instrumental in helping me set a new world record! The Sevina's punched thru the darkness like nothing I've seen before.
I support American made products and these are lights are the best QUALITY you will find! Clearwater Lights gets 5 Stars!

 Carl Reese
Los Angeles to New York City Motorcycle World Record Holder

To Whom It May Concern: Well the task that I bought your lights for was not only handled well, but it was handled extremely well. So let me tell you what your lights were able to do for me. I like doing Iron-Butt Association rides. These are timed rides of great distances. While I have done a large number of them, I was getting ready to do my biggest one to date and I knew that the night riding was going to be an important factor in the time issue. For this ride a friend and myself rode from Virginia Beach VA, to San Diego CA and back to Jacksonville FL in under 100 straight hours.
 As one can see just from the numbers, this was going to involve a lot of nighttime riding. We started off in the evening while the sun was still up. It didn’t take long before we were facing the night and all of its darkness. What the darkness was not ready for was my Clearwater lights. Between Erica and Darla, the darkness never had a chance to slow us down. My buddy who was doing the ride with me could not believe how night turned into day and the feeling of safety with-in that light. Where the girls (Erica & Darla) really proved themselves was going out West.
 While I have been out there before, I have never spent my time driving through the night. Let me tell you, when they say black a night, I now understand where the expression comes from. If it was not a timed ride I would have stopped and just looked up at the stars. It would have been nice to see them without all of the light pollution. Anyhow back to the story, we could not out run those lights. We felt safe and knew that any animal out there would have been seen and we would have had the ability to slow down to avoid the critter. Lucky for us we didn’t see any or they were hiding from the light.
 It is a strange feeling rolling along at 85 MPH and knowing you are not out driving your lights. At that moment, I realized these lights were worth every penny. Not only do they make sure that the cage drivers see me, but they surly help protect me at night on the open road. We predict that the lights saved us at least 2 hours on our time.
 Between the time saved and the feeling of safety through out the trip I cannot thank you enough for such great products. I have had several people ask about them since the ride and have an interest in getting the best of the best as well.
Just thought you would like to know.
-John Forry

I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and ride to work almost daily. On more occasions than I'd like to recall, I have had four wheeled vehicles pull out of driways, cut me off, and turn in front of me. I was getting to the point that I didn't want to ride anymore. But all of that changed when I installed my Clearwater Erica and Darla lights on my bike.At the end of the day, all I want to do is go home to my Family; and Clearwater Lights makes that ride a lot safer. I no longer feel invisible while on my bike. 
Thanks to Glen and the team at Clearwater for maiking the best lights in the world, and motorcycle riding safer for everyone.
Kurt Asplindh

 The folks at Clearwater are ‘AWESOME’!  A new set of Krista lights were out
of my price range so I purchased a ‘New in Box’ set from one of the online auctions.  While I was impressed with the lights
generally, I was not totally satisfied because one of the lights burned brighter than the other and the beam was more diffused on one than the other.
 I sent an email to the guys in tech support and was instructed
to send my lights to them for a diagnosis.  Well, even though I didn’t purchase my Krista’s from them they reworked the lights and shipped them back to me AT NO CHARGE! How insane is that?  Had I known then what I know now; rather than buy a used set of lights, I would have purchased a brand new set despite of the expense.
  Yes, Clearwater lights are more expensive than others BUT the quality, craftsmanship and, most of all, the support of their product after the sale, more than justifies the extra expense.

 Thanks Joe, Glenn, Billy and Jolin for the extraordinary service and support.



In September of 2014 you installed a set of Erica lights on my 2013 BMW K1600 GTL. I liked them so much that I had a set installed (plus the Darlings) on my 2006 Honda Gold Wing. I used the big Honda to complete the SC-MA's USA Four Corners "True X" and Fifteen Best Motorcycle Roads Tour in the summer of 2015.

On this trip I logged my third "corner" in Key West, FL and spent the night in Kingsland, GA on the way to Marion, VA and the Back of the Dragon.

I left Kingsland the next morning at 0400 hours, heading North on I-95. As you can guess it was still very dark out. I had all the lights on, but the Clearwaters were turned down so as to not blind on-coming drivers.

A few miles down the road the freeway made a gentle "S" curve to the right and about halfway through the turn I noticed lights flashing on and off in the background off to the right in the second part of the "S", but flashing only from the ground to about 15 feet up.

The first thing to go through my mind was, "What the heck is that?" The second thing was, "Hit the high beam switch!" and all lights came on at full power. Right in front of me a tree had fallen from the median across the fast lane which I was in, and also covered about 3/4 of the slow lane.

With your lights I was able to see the tree in enough time to avoid it and pull over to call 911 to report the fallen tree. Moments later a semi pulling a flatbed trailer saw my emergency flashers and also pulled over. I don't doubt that he might have been able to see the tree because of your lights.

He had a rotating amber light on the top of his cab which he turned on to warn other drivers. He was also local to the area and pointed out the background lights I had seenw ere at the Georgia Visitors Center. The flashing was because the tree was still quaking after it fell.

That all said, gentlemen, I am more than sold on your product.

In fact, thank you for saving my life.

Dannie L. Fox

I can honestly say that the Clearwater Darla driving lights were the best investment made on my 2013 BMW F800GT. They are brighter than my car lights, will burn asphalt and look beautiful.

Brian H

After 10,000 km with Darla, Billie Jr and CANopener 3 on my BMW R1200RS, I still haven't got any "monumental" photos for you. Not for want of scenery going over numerous Alpine passes, but the bike was covered in an international array of dead bugs at the time.

I have, however, been advocating this equipment in a few threads (and private messages) on r1200rsforums.com. I honestly believe it's in the best interest of those who have asked. With OEM fog light brackets and a pair of M6x12 hex-head stainless bolts (lower than socket caps, to sort the small clearance issue), the D52 kit fits the R1200RS perfectly.

My impressions so far:

The overall build quality appears to be just what others have noted: Top drawer.

CANopener 3.
Small, easy to hide away, works flawlessly. Knows what the bike is doing and seeing, IMO the most streamlined light control yet. Knobs and buttons seem a bit antiquated in comparison.

Perfect range of light output, given the beam pattern. Any more than ~200 lm would cause glare at night. 2000+ lm is a valuable addition to the high beam. In daylight, as an addition to the OEM DRL, I've found 40% to be very effective in clearing space up front in the fast lane, and a friend half a mile away was unsure for a bit if what was approaching had 2 or 18 wheels. However, the position of the OEM brackets in relation to the front turn signals causes the latter to be masked at some distance, which was the reason for 40% instead of 50% in daylight. I'm now trying out 30%, to further increase the distance at which the turn signals are fairly conspicuous. Incidentally, this gives about equal perceived difference between night and day levels, and between day and high beam levels - some 5 dB each, more or less. The size is quite a feat, getting all that performance into such small packages. Much neater than the OEM fog lights (besides having many times the functionality).

Billie Jr.
Seriously bright! Aided by the CANopener, the deceleration-dependant flash rate and -intensity is all I wanted from a brake light modulator, and then some. The 8 km/h flash limit is perhaps a bit low, I've found I regularly exceed that in stop-n-go traffic.

Darla slip-on cover.
That was a bit of a disappointment, both my slip-on covers lie somewhere along the road in eastern France. Fortunately, they were expendable.

Best regards,
Ole Robin Paulsen
Moss, NO

Just wanted to say thank you and give praise to a great product. I have a 2013 BMW GSA that had the factory fog lights.

I replaced them with a set of Ericas with the amber covers . The install was plug n play and the quality was top notch. The lights make a big difference and were well worth the money.

I am not a mechanic by any stretch and the install was easy. The dealer quoted me a price of $350.00 to install the lights. I saved $350.00 by doing the install myself.

Thanks again.

This email is to express my complete satisfaction of your product and especially my appreciation to Jolin's personality and customer service.

Your product and Jolin's customer service and her attention to detail has truly been wonderful. Thank you so very much for shipping the package as ordered and promised, and then some. As you know, I live in Chico and your product was initially recommended to me by the boys over at Ozzies BMW.

I started out slow by buying one of your Andie flashlights and could not have been more happy and impressed. I finally saved enough pennies to buy a set of Darla's and cannot wait to get them installed on my GS. You will definitely be getting my referrals whenever the opportunity arises..

Sincerely, thank you again!
Laird Oelrichs

Because I do a lot of riding at night, lights are something I won't cut corners or take chances on. I want the best I can get, even if they are quite expensive. I have been using Clearwater lights for three years, and about 80,000 miles. I have a set of Erica's and a set of Darla's on the ST.

On the darkest nights, these lights make it like daylight for about 100 yards in front of me. When dimmed, I can use them in oncoming traffic without being flashed by other drivers. As with all lighting, proper aiming is important. I had one light collect a little water once, and I called Clearwater and they sent me a complete new pair. A friend dropped his bike and bent a bracket, Clearwater sent all new brackets at no charge. Their customer service is top notch, as you'd expect from a premium priced product.

IMO, the Clearwater lights are the best you can buy, and worth every penny. Because of the products performance, reliability and the company's customer service, I am a Clearwater customer for life.


"I have a set of Clearwater Ericas with the CANopener 4 on my 2015 BMW K1600GT. With the CANOpener 4 the Ericas are connected to the CAN bus and controlled directly by the wonderwheel. I set them to run at 20% of the rated 6000 lumens on low beam during the day. At night they are set to automatically decrease to 10% on low beam using the day/night sensor on the bike. Switching to high beam at night is like turning on the sun!

The way they light up the road is amazing. In fact after running for a long time on high beam on lonely roads, switching to low beam is almost scary as it appears so dark!

Clearwater now make's a larger 7,500 lumens LED light, the Sevina, that is designed to project 85% of the light in the central 15 deg zone for maximum reach down the road.

Clearwater lights are expensive but IMHO they are worth it."

Wow! I had an advance sampling of how powerful these lights were when my wife and I went for a ride at lunch time yesterday. The sky was clear and the sun was bright and HOT! We were riding along a residential street when I switched to hi-beams.

My wife’s KLIM jacket’s reflectors lit up with bright amber tones. The pedestrian crossing sign down the road, that was normally white, glowed in amber as well…all this in bright sunlight!! When we were finally able to head out for a night ride ~ 12:30am this morning…I was floored! I can’t believe how powerful they are. I swapped the amber covers on and off a few times to compare. I really like the amber tone. It is easy on the eyes while still cutting through.

I am now planning my next big night adventure. I am also really happy with the enhanced safety these lights will provide while riding in city traffic.

p.s. my co-worker is jealous. He just returned from a BMW gathering in Montana. He mentioned you folks attend this event. He will get a walk through of my new Erica’s next week!

Thanks for your help!

A highway patrol officer stopped me today. I thought he was gonna give me a ticket..all he wanted was to ask about the Billie and how it operates. I get stopped and asked all the time!!

Ray Samii

During the IBR I dropped my bike at the 1st checkpoint in ABQ. My fault. The biggest problem was my right Clearwater Erica light. The light was working fine but not aligned since the bracket was damaged badly. A few days ago I decided it was time to "fix" the bracket. I expected I'd have to keep bending it to get it back to close to being right. It didn't take long to see the damage might be worse than I thought.

I called Clearwater on Tuesday afternoon (7/21/15) and asked if they sold the bracket separately. I was told "no problem" and they could send a bracket out to me. Yesterday morning (Thursday, 7-23/15) I received a package with factory fresh brackets. Less than 40 hours from call to having the part in my hand. And no charge for the parts. Outstanding!

What would have been a long process of bend and see if that works type of repair turned into a quick repair job. Thank you Clearwater. While virtually all vendors that make products useful for Long Distance Riders are great to work with, it would be wrong to just take them for granted and not recognize great customer service.

Glenn Pancoast

I’ve been using the Darla’s on my 2015 R1200 GSA for some weeks now.

The facts are very simple: this is by far the best lighting system on the market, way better then the stock extra lights. Top notch quality, simple to install, no hickups whatever with the stock wiring. No faults in the light warning system. Fantastic! My local BMW dealer was very, very impressed, as well with the easy installation as with the overall performance.

Especially the very clever use of the WW with the CANBUS is really great! Thanks a lot!


I'm Swiss ex-military, age 72, retired and living now in Vietnam. I cannot afford a car and never had a motorbike nor did I ever travel on such a vehicle... but now living here I had no other choice then to buy a scooter and to learn to drive it in Saigon and its suburbs…

Despite still being alive after 2 years… I MUST do something to increase my safety in the local chaotic traffic (see the photo below to understand what traffic is like here), and especially during the raining season, as lets just say the visibility is extremely poor.

After searching extensively for a solution, I read online many European Bike Magazines and found several that had tested what they ALL named “State of the Art” motorbike auxillary lights: Clearwater Lights from the USA, for me all the way on the other side of the world!

I explained to them my case via email and within 48 hours despite a 15 hour time difference, I had the answer to my problem from the Boss himself, Glenn! Of course they have over a hundred options for mounting DARLAs to numerous big Bike Brands and Models but of course not for made in Vietnam Honda Scooters ! Glenn asked me to confirm various specs and sizes of the fork of my vehicle. Then Clearwater adapted a custom bracket option to fit to the (out of any norm) fork. And 3 weeks later I got the parcel by USPS despite that USPS tracking service still a month later is stating their parcel is still hundred of miles north of my place, at Vietnam entry formalities. By the way those formalities (custom) are charged with 90 % of the CIF value !

End of the story? NO! Probably a conversion error had resulted in the brackets NOT fitting on the fork, missing only 0.9mm or 0.04” !!! Bad luck I thought as I reported to the US that: “Houston, we have a bracket problem” and I was prepared to be caught in a jam! Boy! I was wrong, completely wrong!

Again I got a reply from Glenn, his answer: “What would you like me to do? I will send you B7 brackets and the rubber sheet at no charge.” Shortly after I got the second parcel and now my DARLAs are mounted (easy, by me, despite being an ex commercial guy) on my small 125cc Honda Scooter. For me it is a great and happy day (for my scooter too, he feels like he is nearly a Gold Wing!).

Not only are the lights fantastic, providing me with additional safety (now just in the start of raining season) but the great experience I had with an ultra professional CEO and his company, makes me feel great as a customer supporting Clearwater Lights.

THANK YOU – MERCI – GRACIAS a lot. Jean-Claude. E. Monnier in Ho Chi Minh City/former Saigon

I recently, after checking out other motorcycle riders that had Clearwater lights on their bikes, decided to get a pair of Darla's for my 2012 BMW R1200RT. I thought that it would be a good install to buy the optional brackets for up on the fairing (just below the turn signals). I ask Glenn about this and he suggested going with the fork mounts brackets that came with the kit for the RT. First off, Glenn was right. Perfect set up.

Next, one of the two lights had a stripped mounting thread. No questions on replacement - one email to Clearwater and a unit was sent with the RMA sticker to return the other unit. Plus I was having a little trouble with the rheostat control - Glenn had suggested what to do and that worked out perfect. Can't say enough!

Thanks from one Glenn to another.

I do not live in North America, I live in Europe. There are relevant differences in how things work, how life is lived. Nevertheless, I have some experience in dealing with north american companies, certainly smaller than KTM North America.

I give you just an example: I bought a pair of Darla LED lights from Clearwater Lights (a USA company) for my 1190 Adventure. I bought them from Rollcentre Racing, in the UK, Clearwater's representative in Europe. The installation of the Darlas in my bike was a nightmare (because, although it was performed at my dealer, the technicians didn't know the bike enough to do it right the first time). The problems I faced had nothing to do with the LED lights kit or components.

I reported the problems to Martin Short (Rollcentre's owner) and got great - and immediate - feedback from him. Martin even offered to send one of his technicians to Lisbon, Portugal, to perform the installation of the LED lights. Martin also relayed our communications to Glenn Stasky, president of Clearwater Lights. Glenn took the time - A LOT OF TIME - to engage in a comprehensive exchange of emails with me (and Martin) addressing EVERY issue I was having with the installation of the Darlas.

The Darlas were then installed - at my KTM dealer - following his detailed instructions and they have been working flawlessly ever since. Clearwater Lights is a very small company and Glenn Stasky is a very busy person. I am just a guy from Portugal - thousands of miles away - who bought a pair of LED lights produced by his company. I haven't even purchased the lights directly from Clearwater Lights.

So, why is it that a single individual - myself - was honoured with direct contacts from Clearwater Lights president (founder, owner, CEO or whatever)? Not a qualified technician - but the company's owner, himself. Because THEY CARE. Because Clearwater Lights and Glenn Stasky know what 'CUSTOMER SERVICE' means.

-February 2015

Hi Glenn,
After a pair of Glendas stopped working on Friday, and some Saturday attempts at troubleshooting, I dropped a line to Clearwater's support email address just after 7PM Sunday night.

I was surprised to receive an immediate response from GlennStasky, president and founder, from the dinner table with his wife at a restaurant (my apologies to your spouse, Glenn)! Glenn told me to send them up for an assessment. I put them into a postal box Monday.

A few minutes ago, less than two days since I sent them, I received a tracking notification from UPS that a package was on its way from Clearwater, due to be delivered tomorrow- then a note a few minutes later from the office manager, Lorett, that the lights were coming back repaired, free of charge!

From the initial contact, the customer experience has been exemplary, not to mention generous.

I can't think of another time I've received such a high level of product support and service-

(Saving my farkle budget for a pair of Krista's!).

Hi Glenn,
The lights arrived in ABQ and were installed at Sandia BMW.  They did a great job on the installation.  I sure needed them when I left in the dark at 5 am two days in a row.  I'm not sure I would have had the confidence to do that with just the stock headlight.  It was not only dark but light rain leaving from Joplin, Missouri.
Thanks for the quick service.
Marina A.

Hi Glen and Lorett:

I was involved in the Dallas LED shoot out a few weeks back, I participated with Glenda lights as I had recently ordered the Darla lights during your March discounted pricing but didn’t receive them before I went down to Dallas.
I really liked the Glenda lights and people would comment to me that they could definitely see me in their mirrors when I was behind them, much better than with just the low beam of my K1600GT. I wanted something more that would also aid me in night riding visibility. The Darlas are great and I LOVE them :o) Thanks for having such a great product!

Thanks again for your generosity,

Steve E.

After reading all the great reviews on the BMW forums about your lights, I pre-ordered my Darla’s and Erica’s prior to owning my bike. And also prior to the Erica’s release date. I had the Darla’s installed before I ever sat on my bike for the first time, then rode my brand new bike with 10 miles on it all the way from Gina’s BMW in Iowa City, IA to Daytona, FL for bike week, then back to Iowa.
Time was an issue, so the ride down to Florida and back saw me run nights. All I can say is “WOW”. I’ve been running L.E.D. lights on Harley’s ever since they came out and thought that they had the best that money can buy. Man was I wrong! These Darla’s at night mounted to the forks provided more light down the road than what I got from spending $1100 on lights for the Harley. I had a good 6-7 seconds of vision in front of me on a dark night running at Highway speeds. When I hit my high-beams, and everything went to 100% power, night turned to day. I had to be careful not to blind other vehicles at night, so I ran with my Darla’s turned to about 30%. During the day, I ran them at 100% and people would typically get out of my way.
One thing that I can absolutely say is that people see me, daytime, and night-time, and that made me feel safe. I was riding north out of Key West at around 2am following a group of Harley’s. While sitting at a red light, they motioned me to the shoulder, they wanted information on my Darla’s. What surprised me was that they told me that they hadn’t been blinded when I was following them. Yes, I had them pointed somewhat downward, and the power was turned down, but these lights even on low are damned bright. They light up the road ahead and really impressed those Harley guys.
To sum up this letter. I just want to say thank you for increasing the visual impact I make on surrounding traffic, and also allowing me to see the road better ahead of me. You have made my life safer! I can’t wait to install the Erica’s, they will be great for those long lonesome nights that I crave.
My next order? Certainly a Clearwater flashlight for the tank bag.
Thank you Glenn and Lorett. You have a wonderful product line, and I’m a fan!
James D.

Just wanted to let you know I installed my Glenda lights this weekend and am very impressed with the product. I can’t even put them on 100% brightness since they are so bright, I just wanted to say you guys have a very nice product and wish you guys all the best. Thanks for helping me with this purchase.
Mike F.

"Thanks again for creating these lights. I have both Glendas and Krista's on the bike and can't wait for the ice and snow to melt a bit for getting out. I'm also waiting for the big yellow spot in my field of vision to go away after I looked directly at the lights on full bright...HA!"
Matt F., Stowe, VT

Greetings -
A&S just installed a set of Kristas on my '09 BMW GSA. Last night was my first opportunity to use them at dusk/dark. Wow. After about six minutes (of a thirty minute ride out toward Loomis and Penryn) I was reminded of that question that comes along now and again (like when I met my wife - sorta): "How did I ever get along without this?"
As I maintain a seldom-read blog about Northern California Motorcycle riding, I thought you might be interested in my post about the product.
Congratulations on a well engineered, highly functional product that will make a whole lot of us a whole lot safer on the road.
Dave D.

I have Kristas on my BMW R1200GS and have for about a year. I have them on all the time, day and night. My bike was getting serviced and I took the dealership loaner bike home for the night. On my way to the dealership this morning, the driver of a delivery truck looked left to check traffic to pull out of a driveway. I saw him look and figured he saw me. As always, I went into my defensive awareness mode, but I couldn’t believe when he just pulled out. I hit the brakes and avoided a collision. I thought to myself how did he not see me? I haven’t had that happen in such a long time. Then realizing that the loaner bike did not have your lights on it, and right then and there I knew that your lights have “saved me” countless times and I just take them for granted. Thank You for making motorcycle riding safer. I’ll throw out a “tag line” here. Put Clearwater Lights on your bike. Be Seen and Be Safe.
Thanks Again!
Kurt A.

Glenn Stasky,
I know you get lot's of emails about how good the Krista lights work and I'm really impressed with them too, but I just wanted to "Thank You" and "your crew" for such good service at the 40th MOA Rally. It's always gratifying to feel like your business is appreciated and that's the way all of your crew and you made me feel!
So the best thing I think I can do for you is send you more business ... and you can surely count on that!
Bill W., Owass, OK

Hey guys...A huge shout out for the quality of the light kit.  My buddy, who happens to be a retired electrical engineer, helped me (ok, I helped him) install the lights a couple weeks ago.  I couldn't be happier.  The overall quality of the wiring harness, the mounts, and the lights is spectacular.  He made numerous comments during the install on what a great quality product the Glendas are.
I'm following a potential group buy though the 1050 Tiger forum.  If the lads there can get enough folks to sign up, I'm going to pick up a pair for my son's 2012 800 Tiger.
Thanks again for super customer service - something that seems to be lacking nowadays.
Chris C., Fayetteville, NC

Dear Sir,
My 1200GS battery was 5 years old.  I knew a battery was going to be needed but all seemed well.  I ordered and put on your Clearwater Voltage Sensor.  It fit well on my bike dash and it was giving me good readings for a month or two.  Then it started showing me yellow so I ordered a new battery.  When the battery arrived I went out to start the GS and turning the key, the sensor showed red and the GS was absolutely dead.  This saved me from getting stuck somewhere, it told me not to charge up the bike and ride anywhere or maybe I'd be stuck there.  Because I was at home it was easy to slip in the new battery.
Just a one time testimonial but this is needed on the Oilheads.
Thank You,
Bruce H., Yuba City

I purchased amber Glendas for my BMW K1200 GT to improve the frontal signature of the bike. My friends constantly comment that the bike really stands out in oncoming traffic. There is no doubt that the lights have increased my safety by improving my conspicuity.
There are several products to triangulate your frontal signature but Clearwater stands above its competition for several reasons. First, the dimable high intensity LEDs mean no more carrying spare bulbs - thank you Glenn. Secondly, the build quality of all the components is first class, example: the mounts are powder coated stainless steel. After forty thousand miles, no bulbs have burned out and all the components look great. And lastly, I just admire the people in this company. They believed that they could design and build the best product, and they did. I'm sure that the personal sacrifice and financial risk was, and is, substantial, but the effort shows. I will be installing another set on my next bike.
Wade S., Morgantown, WV
To all at Clearwater Lights:
I ordered some red Kristas to be installed on my 2012 HD Road Glide and could not be HAPPIER.
My comments:
1. Well made, great craftsmanship.
2. Attention to detail.
3. Excellent light output.
4. Easy installation.
And as important, the sales staff was so helpful and patient and PROFESSIONAL.
I can sum it up in one sentence: I am impressed.
I have been riding for 40 years and have dealt with many aftermarket companies.
Yours ranks right up there!
Please extend my appreciation to all. In these times of marginal workmanship and outsourced production, it is a refreshing to see such pride in making a great product.
I am will forward some pics of my new Kristas on my Road Glide.
Todd N., Chippewa Falls, WI

"I purchased amber Glendas for my BMW K1200 GT to improve the frontal signature of the bike. My friends constantly comment that the bike really stands out in oncoming traffic. There is no doubt that the lights have increased my safety by improving my conspicuity.
"There are several products to triangulate your frontal signature but Clearwater stands above its competition for several reasons. First, the dimable high intensity LEDs mean no more carrying spare bulbs - thank you Glenn. Secondly, the build quality of all the components is first class, example: the mounts are powder coated stainless steel. After forty thousand miles, no bulbs have burned out and all the components look great. And lastly, I just admire the people in this company. They believed that they could design and build the best product, and they did. I'm sure that the personal sacrifice and financial risk was, and is, substantial, but the effort shows. I will be installing another set on my next bike."
Wade S., Morgantown, WV

"Thanks for taking the time to make the connection with me today. It's always great to meet people that have a passion for making our preferred mode of transportation safer and more enjoyable....Ride safe..."
John C., Los Altos, CA

Normally I am not the man, who gives respond to a purchase, but in this case, I will do it. I often buy things over the internet, and most times I am very careful in ordering parts overseas. I also was very skeptical buying the Darla lights directly in the US and I don’t trust the sentence “easy installation”.
How does it work….unbelievable !!! 
Absolute everything which was needed for the installation was included. It took more time to install the cabling in a proper way, then connecting the lights to the existing system ( 30 seconds). They worked together instantly with the hi beam switch without any problem. The brightness is incredible, in comparison to the BMW original ones. 
Hey guys at Clearwater, you do a very good job ! congratulation ! 
Best regard 


Online Feedback

"I was first introduced to your company and products at the BMWMOA rally in Billings. I was impressed, but now that the Darlas and the Billie are on my 1200RT I am even more pleased.
The construction quality of course is first rate but what really amazes me is the sophistication of the controls and the ability to customize the features. Amazing. You have a new brand ambassador.
Keep up the good work. -Ken Kukkonen"

"Glenn I wanted to take a minute to thank you, not only for extending a great deal to me on my new set of lights but also for letting me come by your shop and seeing your operation first hand. The “Darla’s” and the “Billy Brake Light” you sold me for my new RT are incredible.
The workmanship, functionality and the quality of the components combined with the ease of installation were impressive. Combine that with your customer service and tech support and you have the recipe for a great business, as you know.
My compliments to you and your staff. Thanks again….
Regards, John Arisman Sonoma, Ca."

"Another plug for Clearwater- I have one of their earliest sets of lights. While I was troubleshooting what turned out to be an aged seal, I sent an email, on a Sunday, in the evening. Glen emailed me from dinner with his wife, forwarded the note to his service team, and I had an RMA Monday morning.

Then they sent them back express gratis. I was set to go with repaired lights by Thursday. I didn't ask for any of it, they treated it like it was SOP. I've never seen their service surpassed. Amazing team and product."

"Thank you so much for the email & quick response to my order! Such a great feeling to do business w/ folks like you! You were very helpful & so kind when I called to place my order………can’t thank you enough!! This is so often lacking in todays retail world!

Looking forward to installing the lights & illuminating the western sky!!! Thanks again!"

"I had ADV monster lights on my last ST, I had the adv, 60's, 30's and a set of Hella FF50's. all on at the same time. I now have Ericas and Darlas on my current ST. There is no contest, the Clearwaters are much better at getting the light down the road."

"Another huge 'yes' from me. Clearwaters are the finest auxiliary lights available. All it takes is seeing them in person once to see what I mean. I have the Kristas and the Darlas (with amber lenses) on my FJR, and they are unreal."

"Just installed the Ericas on my new to me 2013 Tiger Explorer. I am still fine tuning the aiming of the lights, but riding at night is not uncomfortable for me now. The dimmer control is great for adjusting the brightness of the lights when I am using the low beams. I do not get flashed by oncoming traffic at night."

"+1 for Glenn and Clearwater. And I know I can be a picky a**hole!! Had an issue when buying my Darla's through a vendor. Called Clearwater. Glenn answered the phone. No idea who he was. We talked for as long as I wanted. What a great guy that stands behind his product completely!!

The lights are awesome, but everybody knows that. But you might not know that he also sells the best LED flashlight I've ever seen."

"I just installed a set of Kristas on my 1190 Adv R along with the Cyclop LED headlight kit. 18,400 lumens down the road really lights things up.

I was wondering how they could be worth $850, but bought them because they are the only lights setup to trigger of the high beam and horn. When they arrived and I got them in my hands, I knew they were worth every penny."

"I have two sets of Darlas installed on my 350 and 502 V8 bikes and they are definitely a major advantage in terms of visibility - both to be seen, and seeing down the road at night. "

First, I like light like a Harley guy likes chrome. On my GTL I have a set of Darlas that are my daytime, make me more visible lights. When my high beams are on they go to 100%. They are on the upper fender bolt. I also put on a "hybrid" set of a Sevina on the left and an Erica on the right both on the under mirror mounts.

I live in a rural area and when I ride at night I found the standard light set-up somewhat lacking. With this new set-up I have much greater view of the road and creatures ahead. Spent some time in the high school parking lot getting everything aimed properly and am very impressed by the lights, the kit and the company.

Definitely costs a few dollars, for me well worth it. Since my bikes are toys most financially making sense arguments don't apply."

"To me this is about safety. I am safer because I can see better and because I can be seen better. I am happy to pay for safety.

I bought a set of Clearwater Darla lights for my GSAW last summer, and added a Billie Brake light this spring.

Every time my wife follows me anywhere she continues to comment on how much more conspicuous I am with the new brake light. Install of all of the lights is very straight forward.

I love the fact that they just work. No switches, they just come on when I start the bike and adjust themselves based on the conditions. (Day/night, high/low beam, horn) Very happy on both ends."

"I installed my Darlas. The crash bar mounts that came with them didn't quite fit my SW Motech bars. I contacted Clearwater with a measurement of 22mm diameter on the bars.

They sent new mounts to me with the trust that I'll send the other one back. I will first thing Monday. I got the new pieces overnight. Outstanding customer service!!!:clap"

"The experience I had with Glenn Stasky himself (President of Clearwater), when the original installation of the Darlas in my former 1190 went terribly wrong, was absolutely incredible."

"On a recent ride, I had to negotiate about twenty miles of very dark, deer infested roads in a remote part of Oklahoma. I had three Harleys following me. When I turned on the Kristas, they counldn't believe it!"

"Talk about primo customer service. Why can't all vendors deliver in such a stellar manner?
It turns a one time buyer in to a customer for life."

"It is like those people talking about test riding a K1600. That once you ride one, you will want one. Once you ride with Erica's, you will never ride without them. It's like riding blind."

"It is this kind of customer service that makes companies great! Clearwater just won a customer for life and word of mouth will take care of even more customers."

"Even on a Saturday, Glenn was answering the phones and taking the time to answer questions and talk about motorcycles. Great customer service. Not many companies even come close to this kind of service. Looking to forward to installing the lights!"

"Every dealing with Clearwater thus far has been nothing less than a pleasure. I am the type of person who will go out of my way and spend the extra $$$ to deal with good folks who provide great customer service. "

"Clearwater is a great company with superior customer service. Glenn has spent a tremendous amount of time and $$ making the under mirror mount brackets for our bikes. Are their lights expensive? Absolutely! But they're worth every penny of it."

"I was shocked by how bright these are and you know what they say... you cant go back.... I will never be able to be without."

"I have the Krista's on my GS and I've yet to meet someone who doesn't comment on how visible they are during daylight as running lights. And, the increased lighting at night is where they really ... uh., shine. Those Erica's are the bomb!"

"Took me longer to de-wire my old HID's than it did to install the Clearwaters. The wiring kit and instructions were top notch."

"I took about 3 hours to install the lights. Very easy to do and well engineered  kit. Great light output and I love the dimmer. Thank you."

"Yes, I'm impressed!  Kudos to you and your team.  Good job on all accounts!" 

"HOLY COW! These lights are bright!"

"Wow….the quality is impressive and the workmanship is outstanding. Being a machinist, I can tell good work when I see it. I love these lights…"

"I fly jets for a living and I am an aircraft tech. The quality of workmanship on these lights is outstanding. You need to make a light for my plane!"