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      How are crash bar sizes measured?

      Crash bar sizes are determined by measuring the diameter of the bar. This measurement can be obtained by using a caliper. You can also obtain the diameter by wrapping a piece of paper, business card, or string around your crash bar, measuring the circumference,  and converting that measurement to its equivalent diameter using the chart below:

      For example, if the distance measured around the bar using a piece of paper is 65.97 mm (2.60 in), then the chart shows the equivalent diameter is 21 mm.
      The second chart below shows the crash bar sizes for which we have available mounting options:

      How do the crash bar mounts attach?

      Crash bar mounts attach to a crash bar with (2) clamp halves. The inner radius of the clamp should match the radius of the crash bar. When fully tightened, there will be a slight gap between clamp halves. See picture below

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