Sevina Universal Off-Road light kit

Clearwater Lights

$ 1,199.00

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Sevina is the secret weapon we developed to throw a lot of light down the road. Nearly 80% of the available light is focused in an 8-degree pencil beam. Using state-of-the-art electronics and technology, 7 high power LEDs deliver a tremendous amount of light output using a very modest 70 watts on the highest setting. Sevina is housed in rugged CNC machined aluminum housings and is designed for extreme lighting needs on virtually any vehicle. The included proprietary adjustable knob controls the Sevina, just like all other Clearwater Lights. You can also use your factory high beam or horn switch to bring Sevina to 100% power.

Specifications per light:

  • 70 watts consumption (on high)
  • 7" diameter
  • 7500+ lumens
  • 26 ounces
  • Fully adjustable
  • Custom tooled optics
  • CNC machined

Universal kit includes:

Pair of Sevina LED Lights

Universal truck and SUV wiring harness with proprietary adjustable control

Universal mounting brackets with stainless steel hardware

Selective yellow light covers

Perfect for:

  • Night driving
  • Backcountry
  • Off-Road vehicles
  • Racing




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