Glendina G310GS LED Light Kit

Clearwater Lights

$ 319.00

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This is the bike-specific kit for the G310GS. Includes fender mounts.

Adjusting the intensity on the Glendina has been simplified with (2) set brightness levels that work in conjunction with the high or low beam selection, no dimmer knob needed. The Glendina packs over 900 lumens in a slim, trim, 1.8-inch diameter housing. Better yet, with only 10 watts of input power, Glendina draws only 1 amp.




  • 6/24 Watts (per pair).
  • 6/12 Volt capability.
  • 1.8" diameter.
  • 900+ lumens each.
  • 7 ounces each. 
  • Custom tooled optics.
  • CNC machined.



    2 lights

    G310GS Harness

    Mounting bracket

    Mounting hardware

    Selective yellow lenses





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