Erica (Crash Bar Kits)

Clearwater Lights

$ 899.00

Tech Talk from our Founder: These new lights produce a whopping 6000+ lumens each! New state of the art electronics and technology operating 6 high power LED's in durable CNC machined aluminum housings each delivering tremendous light output with a very modest power level of only 60 Watts on high. Designed for extreme lighting needs on virtually any vehicle. The proprietary Clearwater dimmer controls the Ericas just like all the other great Clearwater models. You can even use your factory high beam or horn switch to control these lights and take them up to 100% power. The perfect solution for adventure riders around the world. If these lights don't brighten up your path NOTHING WILL!


Note: If you have a water cooled BMW bike and want a crash bar kit for it you need to go to your specific bike in order to order the proper kit. The BMW water cooled kits come with our CANopener allowing integration with the Wonder Wheel controller. If your bike is NOT a BMW water cooled bike but has crash bars then you are in the right place.



60 watts consumption each (on high).

3.73" diameter.

6000+ lumens each.

17 ounces.

Fully dimmable.

Wiring harness included.

Super high power.

Custom tooled optics.

CNC machined.

Made in the U.S.A.


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