For 2013+ Liquid Cooled BMW Motorcycles

Included with select kits.

CANopener 3 - R1200GSW, R1200GSAW, R1200RTW, R1200R, R1200RS
CANopener 4 - K1600GT/GTL
CANopener 5 - S1000XR

New Module Enhances Functionality of BMW Rider Interface

Clearwater Lights, manufacturer of innovative LED lighting systems for motorcycles, announces the arrival of the CANopener module for 2013+ water cooled BMW motorcycles.

BMW motorcycles are known for their engineering, performance and innovative design, but the same technology that makes them such excellent machines can be a barrier when it comes to adapting to the rider's preferences.  The Clearwater Lights CANopener module provides a plug-and-play solution to integrate control of the company's lineup of high-performance lights directly into the bike's existing switchgear.

With the CANbus system, BMW brought motorcycle electrical design into the modern age by allowing direct monitoring and control of nearly every component on the bike, while eliminating the heavy, bulky wiring that would normally be required.  As a result, electrical accessories such as auxiliary lights and horns can no longer be added without introducing their own cumbersome wiring harnesses and awkward controls.  Wouldn't it be nice to add the safety of powerful LED lighting to the motorcycle, then control it instantly with the familiar interface?  CANopener is the solution.


CANopener installs easily by plugging directly into the existing CANbus connectors, and requires no modifications to the motorcycle.  It simply monitors the onboard signals, and does not alter or inhibit OEM codes in any way.  Once installed, the rider has control over brightness using the included handlebar-mounted digital encoder knob, and on/off control via the turn signal cancel button.

Instant full brightness is available using the high beam, horn or flash-to-pass buttons, and the ½ second delay for horn and light control is eliminated.

MultiController-equipped machines (GPS Prep Package) get even more features.  The integrated rotary knob handles dimmer functions, while the bike's light sensor allows automatic day and night brightness memory.  A speed-sensing brake light option is also available.

The CANopener is now available for purchase directly from Clearwater or from your local BMW dealer, and is sold in kit form including all necessary wiring, mounting hardware and the Clearwater lights of your choice.

CANopener Manual  

CANopener Reference Sheet