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  • Clearwater Lights For Your Vehicle!

    Clearwater Lights For Your Vehicle!

    Do you wish your vehicle had brighter lights? We have got exactly what you need to bring your four wheeler to the next level! Clearwater Lights are now available for off-road vehicles of many kinds including Jeeps, trucks, SUVs, SxS,...

  • Selective Yellow Lens Covers – the Trifecta of Conspicuity!

    Color, in addition to light and contrast, are the primary components of conspicuity. Clearwater Lights has engineered removable, protective, “selective yellow” lens covers specifically for use with our lights so that you can have all three. We call the powerful combination of Clearwater Lights and our proprietary selective yellow covers the “Trifecta of Conspicuity!”
  • CANopener Functions Tutorial

    Ever wondered what the Clearwater CANopener can do for you? Look no further! In this video, we break down the functions and operations of the CANopener so that you can make use of the precautionary features such as custom light intensity, and certain strobe modes to maximize your visibility!
  • Clearwater Lights S1000XR Erica Installation Video

    Clearwater Lights S1000XR Erica Installation Video

  • The Clearwater Times - Issue 3

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