Race Track Warning System

Racing is, always has been, and always will be dangerous by its very nature, but there's good news:

Due to ever-increasing speeds in professional and amateur racing, a new system was needed to warn riders of danger on the track. While course workers will always be necessary, their traditional cloth flags can be difficult to see under racing conditions. Our faster and more reliable method vastly improves and modernizes track safety.

Countless hours of research and development based on input from a variety of racing applications have gone into streamlining the original architecture into a standard base LED warning sytem. Additional add-on features allow the system to be optimized for any track's unique needs. 

The light within the system can be addressed as a group, zones, or s individual lights, and can be set up at both permanent and temporary racetracks, as well as venues like Bonneville. A special oval track system is available that can control from 1 to over 100 lights from a single handheld transmitter. Our advanced code-encrypted system prevents unauthorized usage and control of the light configuration. 


 Expandable and Customizable

To ensure that all riders are aware of dangers on the track, Clearwater Lights combined years of research and development with input from existing safety light customers to develop our standard expandable base system, which includes the OSB, in addition to four Safety Light Bricks. Additional bricks can be added to the base system for further needs. This allows for optimum, uncompromised safety for a variety or racing applications. 

The OSB is the central command unit of our remote race track warning light system. It is capable of changing lights on all connected bricks simultaneously to one universally desired color depending on track safety conditions. The bricks each boast two strips of LEDs, which vividly display green, yellow, or red based on track conditions and input from the OSB, creating a safer and more noticeable warning for riders in varying visibility conditions. 

Other racing applications require a more individualized approach to corner safety. By using a laptop or desktop computer for control, individual corners or zones can display different colors based on varying safety conditions across larger tracks. Systems can be further customized by combining both OSB and laptop control for a system truly adapted to your racing needs. System components run on rechargeable batteries and can last up to 16 hours on a single charge.

 Tracker Software

 The proprietary Clearwater Lights ”Tracker” software allows for additional lighting customization with features like flash intervals and color for each Safety Light Brick. Military grade encryption allows one system to be used securely for multiple racing applications at each track, and ensures that the system cannot be controlled by outside input.


What if I already have lights at my track?

From its inception, the Clearwater Lights System has been developed as a modular system that can be used in tandem with existing lights. By combining existing lighting systems with our mobile safety brick lights, additional track hazards such as blind corners can be addressed. The ability to program zones and events into the system further customizes the experience.

How far can your system reach?

The controlling devices can be separated by 3,000 feet, but this distance can be increased by using our repeaters. In theory, one could control light in New York from Los Angeles if a larger antenna and enough repeaters were utilized. For most tracks in the USA, a base antenna mounted on a control tower and two or three repeaters can cover every corner of a course. By varying antenna size and the direction of the signal, we can control coverage in many applications.

Endorsed by The Flat Track Safety Group

Flat track motorcycle racing is fast and furious, and riders’ attention is focused on close battles around a tight track. With bright LEDs in all four turns, Clearwater Lights’ system is significantly more visible than traditional warning flags.  Western Flat Track, LLC replaced their starting flag and hot track corner workers with our system for their 2017 season, and observed increased safety benefits for all involved. Owner Randy Kremlacek states “It works! Previously, riders didn't see the red flag until they came out of turn four. Now the racers see a flashing red light in every corner and slow down immediately.” Race officials can make the crucial safety calls, and corner monitors can then assist on the hot track after all riders have slowed down.


“The Clearwater system is going to change the face of racing safety...” - Al Ludington, AMA Pro Racing
"...It makes you think, why don’t other racing organizations implement this system?" - Jason DiSalvo, defending Daytona 200 winner.
"It’s definitely an enhancement to safety on the track..." - Michael Barnes racing the Daytona 200 for Triple Crown Industries.
“Flat track on-track safety has moved into the 21st century with the Clearwater System.”  -Randy Kremlacek Co-Founder, Flat Track Safety Group


Come see the Clearwater Race Track Warning System live at an upcoming MotoAmerica road racing event.