Clearwater Lights Mission Statement

As a motorcyclist, your ability to see and be seen in every lighting situation greatly enhances your safety, and at Clearwater Lights, your safety is our #1 priority.

Our motorcycle auxiliary lights are available in several sizes, intensities, and beam angles to suit every riding style. Our lights are also fully adjustable because we know that your visibility and illumination needs change constantly due to factors such as traffic, weather, terrain, available daylight, and the location of the sun relative to your position and direction of travel. With just a quick turn of our unique adjustable brightness knob, you can tailor your light output to perfectly suit your lighting situation at any moment. You can even utilize multiple sets or combine our products to perfectly suit your individual needs.

Clearwater LED Lights are the brightest on the market, easy to install, and provide an all-in-one solution to your lighting needs: each kit that we sell automatically includes mounting brackets and hardware specific to your vehicle, in addition to the wiring harness, fuse, and connectors, so that you don’t have to spend valuable time searching for additional individual components. Shopping is as easy as knowing which Clearwater Lights you want, and where on your motorcycle you’d like to mount them - we take care of the rest.

Our products and all components are made in the USA and are designed, assembled, and shipped worldwide directly to you out of our family-owned facility in northern California. We are continually expanding our available products to other markets requiring durable, bright, and efficient lighting. We also support the motorcycling and car racing communities with our one-of-a-kind track safety warning light system, and provide high-powered safety lighting options to motorcycling police forces across the nation.

The Clearwater Company has a solid reputation for providing award-winning customer service, well-engineered products, and outstanding product support for over 30 years. 

We guarantee you will be satisfied!