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    Andy's Corner (B-Stock)

    When we refurbish products we put them up in Andy's Corner to sell. If you're looking for a great deal on Clearwater product this is the place to look.

    Note: any light kits in Andy's Corner are sold as the base universal kit for each light. To add a bike specific mounting option call us and we'd be happy to help you get exactly the lighting solution you need.
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    Erica (B-Stock) - Clearwater Lights Erica (B-Stock) - Clearwater LightsSold Out
    $ 700.00 $ 849.00
    Krista (B-Stock) - Clearwater Lights Krista (B-Stock) - Clearwater LightsSold Out
    $ 500.00 $ 649.00
    Darla  (B-Stock) - Clearwater Lights Sold Out
    $ 425.00 $ 499.00
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