Krista (Crash Bar Kits)

Clearwater Lights

$ 699.00

Tech Talk from our Founder: We have introduced a new version of Krista. Using the same new updated electronics and our new 8 degree pencil beam optic, Krista now boasts over 3000 lumens (up from 2400) and has the same 8 degree beam spread as Sevina. Even though Krista has 1/2 the light output of the very powerful Erica, Krista can still produce a tight spot light on top of the Erica flood. Think of Krista2 as a baby Sevina.

They come with easy to follow installation instructions, harnesses and hardware to mount to various motorcycles. A list of suggested custom mounts is also available for specific motorcycles. Some applications may require an additional bracket.


Note: If you have a water cooled BMW bike and want a crash bar kit for it you need to go to your specific bike in order to order the proper kit. The BMW water cooled kits come with our CANopener allowing integration with the Wonder Wheel controller. If your bike is NOT a BMW water cooled bike but has crash bars then you are in the right place.




36 watts consumption each (on high).

3.73" diameter.

High power.

3000+ lumens each.

17 ounces.

Fully dimmable.

Includes wiring harness.

Custom tooled optics.

CNC machined.

Made in the U.S.A.

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