Police Lights

Additional Safety for Motor Officers

Clearwater Lights are high powered, fully dimmable LED lights that provide longer life and lower power consumption than other light systems. With the move to provide additional safety for motor officers, Clearwater Lights has developed high power LED lights for Police motorcycles. These high quality lights are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Clearwater has pioneered the use of dimmable LED lighting on motorcycles. Clearwater lights,  known for its innovative motorcycle and emergency lighting, introduces a very powerful LED Police motorcycle take down light called “KRISTA PD™”.

Intended for use by Police motor officers during traffic stops and for night time patrol use for added protection, each Krista utilizes (3) 12 watt LEDs, an advanced digital PWM power supply and a microprocessor controlled digital dimmer.

Motorcycles do not have enough alternator or battery power to support a conventional halogen take down light while stopped – Krista solves this problem. Cruisers, of course, use halogen lights as a tactical safety diversion during traffic stops.

One or two Krista lights are sufficient to overwhelmingly illuminate a motorist during a nighttime traffic stop; each light draws only 36 watts of power on full brightness. Either one or two units can also be used on a motorcycle in an “off road” application to provide powerful night-time illumination.

Our lights have become popular among the serious minded motorcycle community including police departments across the country. Their comments are a testimony to our build quality and performance.




The Glenda LED Light makes the bike more visible to oncoming traffic during the day and at night provides a wide pattern of light which adds to side illumination. Glenda is fully dimmable and can switch from a LOW beam to a HIGH beam with a flick of the factory high beam switch. They are a combination of a fog and visibility light meant to make you more conspicuous. An optional “wig-wag” input can flash our lights from low to high as well.



Using the same 2" diameter housing as the Glenda, we have packed 2000 plus lumens into each light while still utilizing very little power.


The younger "Twin" to Glenda, Darla is now brighter and has a bit of attitude compared to her sister. Hundreds of mounting options mean these lights can be used on a wide variety of vehicles.This light is surely going to turn heads. Darlas will make you more visible to other drivers while illuminating your route at night. You wont believe how bright she is.


Krista 2

This light is intended to be used as a “take down” light. By using custom and proprietary digital control circuits, these lights can produce up to 180 watts of Halogen light while only using 36 watts each of power. A pair of these lights will fully illuminate the interior of an automobile during a traffic stop.

The intensity of these lights is unmatched by any other light available. You have to see these to believe how really bright they are.

Krista has been tested by some of the toughest riders in the country in all conditions. In addition, "Krista" police lights are currently being used in over 100 agencies across the country.


These new lights produce a whopping 6000+ lumens each!

New state of the art electronics and technology operating 6 high power LED's in durable CNC machined aluminum housings each delivering tremendous light output with a very modest power level of only 60 Watts on high. Designed for extreme lighting needs on virtually any vehicle.

The proprietary Clearwater dimmer controls the Ericas just like all the other great Clearwater models. You can even use your factory high beam or horn switch to control these lights and take them up to 100% power. The perfect solution for adventure riders around the world. If these lights don't brighten up your path NOTHING WILL!



Sevina is a secret weapon we developed in response to requests from the Iron Butt community. They have been asking for a light that really "throws" light down the road. Well, Sevina is the answer. It was an engineering experiment to see how far we can throw with an LED light.

As you may know, I hit a deer after having to turn off my HIDs during a cross country trip. They were bright, narrowly focused and took a long time to come "ON". When I turned them off for an oncoming car, they didn't turn back on fast enough for me to see the deer in the road.

It could have ended worse, but after I composed myself I decided to create a better light. All of our lights previous to Sevina (Glenda, Darla, Krista and Erica) have what I call a "motorcycle" beam pattern. About 75% of the light is in a 15 degree cone and the rest is in a 45 degree cone. The idea is to put light down the road but also illuminate the sides of the road when turning. Sevina still has some road side light coverage, but it has about 80% of the light in an 8 degree pencil beam. By using new optics, new improved LEDs and an even more efficient power supply, we are able to produce over 7500 lumens in a very narrow beam. On full power, Sevina uses about 70 watts each (a little over 5 amps each with the engine running).

Applications for the BMW R1200RT, the Kawasaki 1400, the Honda ST1300 and Harley Davidson motorcycles, along with various dual-sport and electric motorcycles are currently available.

Many law enforcement officers have purchased our lights for personal use affording them a safer ride.