Sevina (Africa Twin)

Clearwater Lights

$ 1,099.00

Tech Talk from our Founder: Sevina is a secret weapon we developed in response to requests from the Iron Butt community. They have been asking for a light that really "throws" light down the road. Well, Sevina is the answer. It was an engineering experiment to see how far we can throw with a LED light.

As you may know, I hit a deer after having to turn off my HIDs during a cross country trip. They were bright, narrowly focused and took a long time to come "ON." When I turned them off for an oncoming car, they didn't turn back on fast enough for me to see the deer on the road. It could have ended worse, but after I had composed myself, I decided to create a better light.

All of our lights previous to Sevina (Glenda, Darla, Krista and Erica) have what I call a "motorcycle" beam pattern. About 75% of the light is in a 15-degree cone, and the rest is in a 45-degree cone. The idea is to put a light down the road but also illuminate the sides of the road when turning. Sevina still has some road side light coverage, but it has about 80% of the light in an 8-degree pencil beam. By using new optics, new improved LEDs, and an even more efficient power supply, we are able to produce over 7500 lumens in a very narrow beam. On full power, Sevina uses about 70 watts each (a little over 5 amps each with the engine running).


70 watts consumption each (on high).

4.7" diameter.

7500+ lumens each.

26 ounces.

Fully dimmable.

Includes wiring harness.

Custom tooled optics.

CNC machined.

Made in the U.S.A.


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