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Clearwater Lights Sevina Review in RIDEMSTA

Stock motorcycle headlights historically provide less than adequate light coverage. Even newer motorcycles with their HID or LED units, although better, still fall short of "amazing."

This is where Clearwater Lights come to the rescue. Clearwater Lights are designed by a motorcycle rider, for motorcycles.

Clearwater Lights Featured in ADVPulse Adventure Build

The Yamaha Super Tenere is named after a rugged region of the Sahara desert, and rightfully so. The bike is known to be one of the most durable models in the liter-class adventure touring segment. Super Tenere's are not only dependable, they are also versatile enough to handle a wide-range of terrain while providing high levels of comfort for the rider.

BMW Motorcycle Magazine Clearwater CANopener Review

In the days "circa BC" (in BMW speak that's "Before CAN bus"), adding auxiliary lights on a new GS wasn't too difficult. If I prepared everything well over several days beforehand, I could do a first time decent installation in one day.

Preparing meant purchasing lights, mounting brackets, relays, on/off switches, multiple spools of color-coded wire, wire connectors, measuring and planning the wire runs... you get the picture.

webBikeWorld Clearwater CANopener Review

The Clearwater Lights CANopener system is an innovative auxiliary lighting management system like nothing else available.

The system provides owners with an integrated programmable system for Clearwater LED auxiliary lights (reviews) in the front or the new Clearwater LED tail/brake light module in the rear.

webBikeWorld Clearwater Slip-on Light Covers Review

They provide added protection, an alternate output option for inclement weather and...peace of mind.

The strong rubber slip-on housings include easily-inserted disks of acrylic clear and amber lenses and a set of opaque vinyl covers that will completely obscure the LED light housings if desired. The system couldn’t be easier to use and carry.

webBikeWorld Clearwater Erica LED Lights Review

The new Clearwater Erica lights are extremely powerful, with an incredible amount of light output. In fact, if you need more light than this, then you better wait for noon on a sunny day.

Installing the Erica lights is relatively straightforward and the roughly 12,000 lumen output for the pair uses up just 120 Watts total.

webBikeWorld Clearwater Darla LED Lights Review

The high-quality Clearwater Darla light kit is indicative of the latest in LED technology and also reflects the best of what Clearwater Lights brings to motorcyclists.

The Darla lights have nearly the same perceived brightness as the more powerful Clearwater Krista Lights (review) but with the small form factor of the Clearwater Glenda lights (review).

webBikeWorld Clearwater Krista LED Lights Review

The Clearwater Krista lights use the latest generation of LEDs for retina-melting power at minimum draw.

The light output can be varied by turning a rotating dial or the lights can be turned off completely. The quality of construction, mounting hardware and the light output are outstanding.

webBikeWorld Clearwater Glenda LED Lights Review

webBikeWorld Clearwater Voltage Sentry Review

Designed to be "thermally stable, highly accurate, reliable, flexible and with a very low power consumption", the device is small enough to fit just about anywhere. An excellent solution for monitoring voltage and suitable for any motorcycle.

webBikeWorld Clearwater Andie Flashlight Review

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