Meet the "new" girls!

  • Sevina

    Brighter than her sister, Erica, Sevina packs a tremendous amount of light down the road. A new 8 degree pin spot optic helps throw light farther. The variable dimmer adjusts from a low level to full intensity!

    You won't believe how bright this new light is. This new light produces over 7500 lumens with only 70 watts of input power.

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  • Erica

    New state of the art electronics and technology delivers outstanding light output at very modest power levels a total of six LEDs are used in each of the lights.

    The housings are CNC machined out of aluminum right here in the USA and are hard anodized and then powder coated for corrosion protection. Using aircraft grade, silver plated wire with Teflon insulation, these lights are made to last.

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  • Krista 2

    The new Krista2 is now 3000 lumens per light with 8 degree optic for more focus beam, still using only 36 watts of LEDs, and a microprocessor controlled digital dimmer. These lights provide a very bright light with low power draw designed for better visibility down the road.

    They are powerful and efficient with a life of over 50,000 hours. Many hundreds of thousands of miles have been illuminated by Kristas over the years by satisfied customers.

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  • Darla

    Using the same housing as the Glenda, we have packed 2000 plus lumens into each light while still utilizing very little power. The younger "twin" to Glenda, Darla is now brighter and has a bit of attitude compared to her sister.

    Hundreds of mounting options mean these lights can be used on a wide variety of vehicles. This light is surely going to turn heads. Darlas will make you more visible to other drivers and illuminate your route at night.

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  • Glenda

    The 12 watt, 800 lumen per light on high, LED Glendas make a motorcycle more visible to traffic during the day and at night provide a wide pattern of light adding to side illumination.

    The amount of light produced may be regulated by the digital dimmer. Glendas are a good choice to help keep you safe and more visible.

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  • Billie

    This is a high output brake-tail light that is computer controlled by the Clearwater CANopener. This brake light is intended for use on specific BMW motorcycles that use the CANbus control system.


    Must be used with CANopener.
    Must have CANopener version 1.6 or higher. Full feature list only available on CANopener version 1.82+.

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  • CANopener

    The Clearwater Lights CANopener module provides a plug-and-play solution to integrate control of the company's lineup of high-performance lights directly into the bike's existing switchgear.

     Wouldn't it be nice to add the safety of powerful LED lighting to the motorcycle, then control it instantly with the familiar interface? CANopener is the solution.

    CAN-Opener only works with 2013+ Liquid Cooled BMW Motorcycles. Comes available with bike specific lights.

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  • Andie II

    Super bright, super build quality, a spare battery and a dual recharger make this flashlight awebBikeWorld Product of the Year.

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Krista Light Covers

Sevina Slip On Covers


Krista Light Covers

Shelby Headlamp / Bicycle Light

Andie image

Clearwater Lights CVS

Krista Light Covers

Krista and Erica Light Covers.

Chrome Darla



Krista Light Covers

Krista and Erica Slip On Covers

Krista Light Covers

Glenda and Darla Slip On Covers

Chrome Darla

Amber Lens for Krista Lights





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