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Glenda LED Light Kit


Darla Motorcycle Light Kit

Tech Talk from our Founder: The 12 watt Glenda makes your motorcycle more visible to oncoming traffic during the day and at night provides a wide pattern of light which adds to side illumination. They are a combination of a fog and visibility light meant to make you more conspicuous. If you ride mostly on the street, during the day, Glenda is a good choice to help make you safer and more visible.

Glenda is currently out of stock. Before ordering please call.

Glenda Schematics

Option: Horn feature optional with Darla, email or call when ordering for us to include it with your order. The horn feature will enable the lights to flash to full power whenever the horn is hit. This safety feature will ensure that when you really need to be seen, you will be.



12 watts consumption each.

2" diameter.

High power.

800 lumens each.

7 ounces.

Fully dimmable.

Includes wiring harness.

Custom tooled optics.

CNC machined.

Made in the U.S.A.



1 Year Replacement Warranty


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